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25 VIEWS – 200 MINUTES constitutes a series of 25 films of 8 minutes each, which make up a collective construct of 200 final minutes. An introspection and poetics about who we wanted to be and who we have been, at odds with reality of who we are and the utopia of who we will be. A mosaic derived from the creative and aesthetic freedom of each of the filmmakers who participate in this staging. The project was developed by the Secretariat of Culture of the Argentine Nation together with the Tres de Febrero National University, within the framework of the Argentine Bicentenary’s celebrations. The Argentine Actors Association (AAA), Argentine Film Industry Union (SICA) and the Argentine Authors and Composers Society (SADAIC) collaborated on it. Cinecolor laboratory provided every 35 mm copy for the distribution of the material to cinemas all over the country. According to the Secretary of Culture of the Argentine Nation, Jorge Coscia, the challenge of this proposal is to observe a path that even today millions of argentines walk along, with the certainty of making, shaping and transforming the Nation. “Generate a testimony in order to glimpse or peep, even in an indecent way, the vicissitudes, the senses and the dialectic of a 200-year journey”. 25 Views about a same History Israel Adrián Caetano (“The heroe nobody loved”), Marcos Carnevale (“Mercedes”), Albertina Carri (“Remains”), Paula de Luque (“Legend of the Ceibo”), Inés de Oliveira Cézar (“Guillermina P.”), Sabrina Farji (“The Voice”), Leonardo Favio (“Lovable People”), Pablo Fendrik (“Daughter of the Sun”), Sandra Gugliotta (“Posadas”), Paula Hernández (“Malasangre”), Juan José Jusid (“Intolerance”), Víctor Laplace (“Being Useful Today”), Alberto Lecchi (“The Grandfather”), Lucrecia Martel (“New Argirópolis”), Mausi Martínez (“In the Trench”), Néstor Montalbano (“Chasqui”), Celina Murga (“Pavón”), Gustavo Postiglione (“(my) Argentine History”), Lucía Puenzo and Esteban Puenzo (“Further on”), Carlos Sorín (“Bicentennial Argentina. The Voices and the Silences”), Juan Bautista Stagnaro (“The Spy”), Juan Taratuto (“Original Flaws”), Gustavo Taretto (“Once again”), Pablo Trapero (“Nomad”) and Ricardo Wulicher (“For every Men and Women of Good Will“). The view of these 25 filmmakers, interpreted by artists and thinkers of the stature of China Zorrilla, Andrea del Boca, Alejandro Awada, Diego Peretti, Elena Roger, Claudio Gallardou, Lito Cruz, Luis Luque, Luis Ziembrowski, Carlos Santamaría, Emme, Florencia Raggi, Jorge Prado, Norma Pons, Pilar Gamboa, Verónica Piaggio, Osqui Guzmán, Vando Villamil, Victoria Carreras, Regina Lamm, Silvina Bosco, Ailín Salas, Alejandro Lifshitz, Analía Couceyro, Bettina Quintá, Ernesto Chacón Uribe, Eduardo Bertoglio, Matías Umpierrez, Mike Amigorena, Pablo Ribba and Pacho O’Donnell, leads to a 200-minute journey towards reflection.

Sandra (27) is pregnant. She climbs a dividing wall and goes in to rob a house while their residents attend the ceremony of May 25th. She carries a weapon. She’s desperate. When she is intercepted by the Police, she only manages to shoot. A taxi driver helps her escape. They reach the river while labour is unexpectedly accelerated.

Director: Pablo Fendrik
Editor: Bruno Fauceglia

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